Cafe TRUST: A place to be happy for no reason


trust amsterdam

Somewhere hidden in the Albert Cuypstraat in Amsterdam you can find a small cafe filled with love and joy. The people who work there are all volunteers, practicing the philosophy to be happy for no reason. According to them, you need nothing to be happy, but something to be unhappy. They practice mindfulness in the kitchen, making sure to be able to serve stress-free coffee and tea and food filled with love and happiness. If one of the workers is not feeling well, all work stops and the volunteers help each other to go back to a peaceful and happy state of mind.

The fairytale continues, although this is real life. Cafe TRUST promotes you to ‘come in as you are’ and ‘pay as you feel’. Everyone is welcome to taste one of their delicious smoothies, vegan chocolate cake, tosti’s and more. There is a mix of regular customers, that are known with the concept and mostly come in to enjoy the relax and peaceful atmosphere. The interior is colorful and comfy. New customers get explained how it works. The cafe wants to show they totally TRUST, which means ‘To Rely Upon Source Totally’. On the door it can already be read:

The best way to see if you can trust somebody, is to trust them.

trust amsterdam

They trust their customers, their co-workers and the universe. They have faith that everything will work out as it should, as long as you trust. To show this to their customers, there are no set prices on the menu. You can decide for yourself how much you feel you want to pay.

I can hear you asking: ‘How can that ever be sustainable?’. Well, it can. Every month till so far they have been able to pay their bills with the money that comes in. And besides, at TRUST it’s not about profit and making money. It is about practicing mindfulness. To be happy, joyful and open to give and receive. They trust life will take care of life and therefore, giving and receiving becomes one. Everyone participates in it.


I worked a week at TRUST, and can recommend experiencing to train your mind to be ‘happy for no reason’ to anyone who wants to be more positive, peaceful, loving and happy. And, well, don’t we all? ;)

Besides working there, TRUST is also an amazing place to visit for a good coffee/tea/juice with some cake or lunch or just come in to be happy and enjoy.

Albert Cuypstraat 210

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