Challenge: Travel for Charity


I started with a budget of 150 euros. An overview of the eight days:

Day 1: I didn’t spend a dime, whoohoe!

Day 2: Off course, flights costs money. However, this flight from Sweden to Warschau was only 10 euros. Add some groceries and public transport from the airport and to our Trustroots hosts and the total amount spend was 24 euros.

Day 3: Hitchhiking to Gdansk. Add dinner and public transport to a good spot and it comes down to 7 euros. We slept at the house of a nice couple (with super cute dog!) from Trustroots again.

Day 4: Yes. Sometimes you have to make choices. Saving money and using your time, or saving time and using money. We choose the latter, which resulted in a 10 euro night bus to Wroclaw. Plus some groceries and public transport for during the day makes 18 euros.

Day 5: 0 euros again! We were totally spoiled by our friend and her parents who live in Wroclaw.

Day 6: A good lunch this time, again public transport and some donation to the free walking tour: 11 euros. In the afternoon, we hitched to Krakow. We could sleep at the couch of two nice girls from (again) Trustroots.

Day 7: A good day in Krakow. Got free lunch tickets from some other travellers who couldn’t use it and bought some groceries and dinner: 8 euros spent.

Day 8: Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.. Heading back home to Sundsvall (that’s in Sweden). The flight was 17 euros this time, add one euro for the bus and we are at 18.

In total I spend 76 euros in 8 days of traveling, which means that I can donate almost half of my budget (74 euros/84 dollars) to a good cause. :)

I choose to donate the money to the Pittsburg home. I have lived in Pittsburgh for half a year while doing my internship and was amazed by the community of people who took care of me and involved me in a numerous of social activities. They made me have the most awesome time I could have imagined. Pittsburgh used to be a Steel city, but its turning into one of the most generous and livable cities of the USA.

The Pittsburgh Home is going to be a community driven shelter to get homeless off the streets and give them a new change to start over.

If you want to help, take a look at the campaign! If the campaign is closed, you can still donate here, then the money will go either to the house for the homeless or the donation-based hostel (which is also a great project!).

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