Cheap and Free traveler festivals 2015


Don’t we all love festivals and traveling? What about combining them together? All over the world hospitality and travelers communities are organizing free or cheap festivals. Check out those cheap and free traveler festivals:

Hitchhike gathering

Every year there is at least one big hitchhike gathering. This years gathering is in France, from the beginning of August. Think campfire, travel talk and relaxed camping. Website.

Nomads gathering

In July the first nomads gathering is taking place! The Nomads – A life of free/cheap travel facebook group grew so much the last year that they are actually starting to organise an event! The first event takes place half july in Amsterdam. Website.

Couchsurfing camps

Couchsurfing camps are multiple day events organized by the local couchsurfing community. You get to meet people, explore the city or surroundings and they are usually free or really cheap. All the camps can be found in this Google calendar:

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