Cheap and Free European traveler festivals 2016


Don’t we all love festivals and traveling? Especially if you can combine them together! All over the world hospitality- and traveler communities are organizing free or cheap festivals. As always with festivals, summer is the best time to join them! Check out the following cheap and free traveler festivals happening the coming months in Europe:

Hitchhike gathering

Every year there is at least one big hitchhike gathering in Europe. This years gathering is in Norway and starts at the beginning of August. Think campfires, lots of travel stories and meeting fellow hitchers! Website. Facebook event.

Nomads/Alternative travelers gathering

In July the second nomads/alternative travelers gathering is taking place! This event is born out of the Nomads – A life of free/cheap travel facebook group. The event takes place half july in Amsterdam. Think workshops, talks, presentations, meeting fellow travelers and several random travel events. Facebook event.

Couchsurfing camps

Couchsurfing camps are multiple day events organized by the local couchsurfing community. You get to meet people, explore the city or surroundings and basically have a lot of fun. The events can be about a certain city, camps in the nature and/or combined with yoga lessons and other workshops. All CS events are either free or really cheap (a few euros of contribution). The camps have different target groups, as they are events for families, young people and all-age. Some camps have been running for years, such as the international family weekend in Poland, Paris Rendez Vous, Mont Royal Summer camp in Germany and the Italian Summer Camp.

All the camps can be found in this Google calendar:

What are your plans this summer?

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