Cheap Transport: Carpooling and public transport


There are several ways to get from A to B when traveling. From totally free (hitchhiking, walking, biking) to very cheap (local public transport, carpooling, finding cheap tickets).


Carpooling is not always free, but it is still cheap. The most famous app for carpooling in Europe is currently blablacar. You can download the app on your phone and instantly look for rides from one city to another.

Public transport

On Go Euro you can compare different ways of public transport with each other in Europe. Next to this, it is recommended to research other public transport website as well, since there can always be (student)discounts or companies that are not added to Go Euro.

Train shows a big part of all the timetables and prices of trains in Europe.

At (for Europeans) and (non-Europeans) you can buy one train pass for all the EU countries together or you can buy a one-country pass. Especially if you are 25 or younger, this could safe you some money.

For more tips, timetables and routes to travel by train all over the world, this website is a really good one: Seat61 


In Europe Eurolines is one of the biggest bus companies. 

In Canada, USA and Europe (mainly England) I would advise to use Megabus. For USA and Cananda Greyhound is also a really good option. If you book in front, you can get tickets from as low as 1$.

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