A shout-out to the female solo traveller


A big shout-out to my fellow female solo travellers. We know the true value of travel and what it can bring us. Traveling the world makes us into a better version of ourselves and awesome people to be around with.

We are fun

We are definitely fun! The amazing stories we can tell as being a female solo traveller are way more interesting then any other type of travel story. The things we have done, seen and experienced made us into these awesome and fun people to be around with.

We are more organized

We don’t plan much when traveling at all, but when we look at our male counterparts we apparently have everything perfectly in order. We make sure to have the name or address of the place we are staying at with us and enough food and water to get though the day. We happily help out our solo traveling male friends we meet on the road who often forget to bring water or don’t know where their hostel is – or where they are.

female solo traveller

We are independent

We can handle things on our own and don’t mind if someone is traveling with us or not. We got to know ourselves quite well during our travels and know what we are capable of doing. We know how to deal with unpredictable stuff and don’t need someone else’s help. Although we will not always refuse help when offered.

We are beautiful

We don’t care about make-up, since it takes up too much space in our backpacks anyway. We show our natural beauty to the world. We are happily smiling all the time, our skin is tanned by the sun and our eyes are always full of excitement.

We are happy

We don’t care about possessions and materialistic items. We know how to be happy without them. We know how to live in the moment and be our best and happiest selves.

female travelerWe are smart

To be able to travel solo, we have to be smart. We trust on our intuition and common sense. We have a lot of knowledge about a range of things, because we learned to see them from the perspective of different cultures.

We are brave

We are being judged by society. They don’t always understand us, but we follow our own path anyway. We found a way to cope with it and trust in ourselves.

We are spontaneous

You will never be bored when around us. If we are out of stories to tell, its time for some spontaneous action. We want to explore the unknown. Feed our curiosity. We are up for basically everything, because we tried most of it already. The more excitement, the better.

female traveler We challenge your life

Our lifestyle is different than yours. It’s filled with uncertainty and unpredictability. It’s not your regular 9-5 story. We challenge you to re-think your own life. We challenge you to join us instead of wait for retirement. We show you it is possible. We can show you to live a different kind of life. It will be hard, a huge roller coaster of experiences and emotions, but it will definitely be worth it.

We are never going to stop traveling

People envy us, are jealous of all the countries we visited and the experiences we had. The best: it is never going to stop. We might settle down for a while, but we need our solo travel moments to be able to stay just as awesome as we already are.

What do you think of female solo travellers?

Feel free to share this post, as long as you link it back to travelwithoutmoney.org. Oh, and please don’t take it too seriously, I am not trying to offend anyone, it’s just for fun ;)

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  1. john rumold14 April, 2015 at 17:31 Reply

    HI KIM, very nice posting. i love it. i love to travel alone, but it s difficult for me..BZE i have only one hand. lost th freedom of my right hand due to trafic accident in kuwait. still i went to philippines..boraccay island …spent 26 days. hinking to go aussie, korea nd japan.

    i am ready to help this group members to give shelter in my homestay at cochin, kerala, india.

    all r welcome to Gods own country..KERALA.

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