Can you find love and date when you are traveling?


find love while traveling

When you travel or move places regularly you tend to have a different lifestyle than most people. Because, lets be honest, most people live in the same city or at least the same country for most of their lives. They have friends and family that are living nearby, meet new people that live nearby and once in a while they will meet someone that really interest them and they might start dating, somewhere nearby – You see where I am going here? ;)

The travel lifestyle

When traveling is a big part of your lifestyle dating is different. You cannot get to know a person over a few weeks or months, because the chance you meet someone who will physically be in the same place as you for the next few weeks or months is just much lower. By the time you are ready for you ‘second date’ there is already another plane to catch that will separate you and what could have been your future partner.

Sounds familiar?

Finding love on the road is not that hard. You are meeting so many new and different people all the time. However, starting to date and maintain a relationship on the road is. Especially if you don’t even have the time to get to know each other well enough to decide on starting a relationship at all.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Especially when you have the same travel plans or can adjust your plans to each other you can date and eventually even start a relationship while traveling. Or what if you decide to stay abroad for a few months in a row? During my study time in different countries I have seen dozen couples starting a relationship.

The only thing with those relationships is that they usually don’t last that long. Of course there are always people who make it work, but a great amount of the relationships end when eventually one half of the couple has to go another direction or back home – for whatever reason. A distance relationship is possible, but it also depends on how often you will be able to see each other and how it will work out.

As Matt states here perfectly:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder for only a certain period of time. After awhile, it forgets.

Traveling or love?

Does it mean we will have to choose?

Aren’t we already putting ourselves out of our comfort zone, trying to pursue our dreams by traveling the world and experiencing things that we never would have imagined were possible? Giving that up because your travel love is going back home/not ready to travel long term together/has different plans is difficult. It will be another challenge and the choice you make depends on what feels right and what would work.

Our unconventional lifestyles don’t make it so easy as well to find someone when settled for a while. Back home I don’t have many friends who would choose the same life as me; moving around places and traveling when possible. On the positive side, it would be a lot easier to meet people with the same lifestyle while traveling. Someone who does not want to commit his or her life to a 9-5 job or at least can make room for your adventures spirit, who is equally independent, not annoyed by waiting at home while you are traveling around the world, etc.

On the other side. Everyone is on a different journey in life and when your paths cross, why not just try to make the most out of it? Maybe it will last and maybe it won’t. When it’s meant to be, you will make it work.

I would say, be open for the adventure. If it’s either love or travel, or both combined.

What do you guys think? Any romantic stories you want to share? ;)

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