Finding Travel Buddies


Although traveling alone can be a very enriching experience and you will meet many people on the way, it can be nice to have a travel buddy as well. Someone to share your travels and experiences with and have some company on the way. These websites offer opportunities to find travel buddies:

Hospitality websites

Many of the hospitality websites have groups and discussion boards where people look for a travel partner. Especially through couchsurfing you can find many people posting their travel plans and asking for someone to join. Search in the groups or post a topic yourself. Same for Squat the Planet and Be Welcome.

Volunteer websites

Through HELPX you can also find travel partners or add a topic yourself about looking for a companion. Plus: they have photos!

Hitchhiking partners

The best way to find partners to hitchhike with is to put your request in one of the Facebook groups: hitchhikersworldwide and hitchhikerseurope. You can find more hitchhiking groups by entering ‘hitchhiking’ + ‘country name’ in the Facebook search bar.

Other websites

There I am – On this website you can find travellers who are in the area. A world map shows the current position of different travellers.

Travelbuddy – Similar to There I am; people are posting where they are traveling to and are looking for a travel buddy.

Travellerspoint – A forum for finding travel partners.

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