Hitchhiking resources


There are several ways to get from A to B when traveling. From totally free (hitchhiking, walking, biking) to very cheap (public transport, carpooling, finding cheap plane tickets). Want to go hitchhiking, but don’t know where to start? Here are some resources to get you started.

Hitchhiking resources

Yes, it is still happening. People from all over the world put on their thumb to get to one place from another. Best thing: it is totally free. Carry on some cardboard and a marker, go to a good spot near the highway or at a gas station and start asking for rides.

The best website voor hitchhikers is definitely hitchwiki.org. It shows you maps with good hitching spots all over the world and information about hitchhiking per country. Hitchgatherings and events are also announced on this website.

Traveling alone as a female? A good hitchhiking guide for females is this one.

To find hitchhike buddies you can join one of those Facebook pages:




You can find more hitchhiking groups per country or continent by entering ‘hitchhiking’ + ‘country name’ in the Facebook search bar.

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