If everything is possible, what would you choose to do?



So, we have reached that point of where everything is possible. We know now we can travel the world, even without a lot of money. We can live in different countries and work almost everywhere. All we ever dreamt of doing can come true. Mainly because of the Internet we know about those opportunities out there. Communities of people who don’t have a regular ‘9-5’ work life who are helping and supporting each other. People, who find like-minded others on the Internet, who help them establish their goals. Knowing that you are not the only one already helps so much.

But now, when you know that everything is possible, and you even realized a few of your dreams already, what do you choose to do with this one and only life you have?

The amount of possibilities is overwhelming me. I can go anywhere I want. Do whatever I want. I know now that it’s possible. But the point is, I want so much and if all of that is possible, I don’t know what to choose. What step to take next. For which dream should I go? What is the right choice?

I feel like now I have total control of my own life I – and only I – am totally responsible of the choices I make. Responsible to choose the one that leads to give me the most happiness. But which one is that? If I make the wrong choice, it’s also going to me just me to blame for it. It’s frightening. Scary. Are we even really in control?

How can you ever know what choice is best, if you can’t possibly know all the outcomes?

The mind won’t shut up making pro’s and con’s. Doubting, wanting to make a decision but can’t. It’s the heart we need to listen to. If you can’t make up your mind, what direction gives you the best feeling? Where do you feel you want to go for?

It’s like I am 17 again. Needing to make a decision what to study. The possibilities are endless and I have way too many interests to choose one certain field. Now, six years later I know it didn’t matter. I know now I don’t want a Real Job anyway. Sometimes I wish I had studies something else, but six years ago it was the best I could come up with. It might have been the best choice I could have made back then, or it might not. My dreams to travel when studying came true anyway. I overcame my fear of speaking English and did my internship and another part of my study abroad. It wouldn’t have mattered which study I had chosen. Even when not making the ‘right decision’, other chances will come up and you will be able to choose again. Get you back on the right track.

It can be hard to listen to what your heart or feeling tell you where to go. We are so conditioned to make decisions based on rational and by thinking it through. This is something I really liked at TRUST. By saying to customers they should pay ‘as they feel’ you start to look at things differently. What amount feels good for you, instead of what is the food worth in money according to (rational) market principles.

You can’t know all the possible the outcomes anyway. You don’t have control. So if everything is possible, take a few deep breaths. Try not to listen to the mind and ask yourself which direction to go.

Having the courageous to follow the path that is laid out for you is what gives you the most happiness. It might give you the most struggles as well.

Stick with what feels right for you. Trust.

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