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I love couchsurfing. I love the idea of people – total strangers – helping each other out: Offering someone a place to sleep, a warm shower and sharing food and stories. Its great if you are a budget traveller but also if you just want an alternative way to travel. Getting more into the culture, interacting with locals and all that stuff.

Paying for surfing?

However, I have used it now for over three years and in that time Couchsurfing seems to have gone from a non-profit organisation to a cooperation. Nothing wrong with that, wouldn’t it be that every time I go to the website there are ‘VERIFY NOW’ buttons dancing in front of my face. They want me to pay to ‘get more changes on good hosts’. Seriously? Don’t I have more then enough positive references to get good hosts? Besides, it seems that I have to send out more and more requests to be able to get accepted as well.

Anyway, I am still a bit in love with couchsurfing, but I don’t mind trying out something new. And then there was Trustroots.


Hitchhiker hospitality

As a hitchhiker, I usually don’t know until a few days before where I am going to end up, around what time exactly and if I will even make it at all. Not every host will understand that. Luckily, Trustroots is promoted as a hospitality website especially for hitchhikers so the changes of finding people who don’t mind my insecure time schedule are quite high.

I have not used the website yet for hosting, even though my couch is available. Somehow, it seems that not many hitchhikers come to the middle of Sweden in winter ;).

I have used the website four times now to surf: three times in Poland and one time in Sweden. All were great experiences. I also used couch requests on CS, but didn’t get accepted. On Trustroots, even if there are not many members (yet), I mostly got positive replies in a few hours to two days. The people I stayed with all hitchhiked or used to hitchhike as well and were all really nice and generous people.


There is a good map on the website where you can see where the members are. Very helpful, and I use it even to plan where to travel to from now on ;). You can send messages to the people available. Most of them have included a social link or copy-pasted their information from CS so you can see what kind of people they are. However, I didn’t always got an email when I had new messages. Several times I found out I had a host when browsing the website or getting a text message from a future host. Later, I found out they were all in my spambox. If you decide to use Trustroost don’t forget to check your spamfolder! ;) Furthermore, when you get a message it doesn’t say from who or about what. To read the message you have to log in first.

A second issue is the references. You cannot give someone a reference, and that is something I really liked about CS. When I travel alone or host people in my studio I just don’t host/surf if they have a negative reference. However, I hope this feature is going to be added in the future.

To conclude… As I said before, I still love Couchsurfing, but Trustroots is close to becoming my new favorite! :)

What do you think of Trustroots? Any experiences yet?


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  1. Mikael17 March, 2015 at 17:23 Reply

    Hey from Trustroots! Thanks a bunch for writing this! :-)

    Trustroots will surely have references — probably in a bit more innovative way compared to other hospex sites even. For now Trustroots lacks many very basic features, but with time and patience…

    We’re aware of the occasional spam-folder issue and working on it. Just always click “not spam” for those mails and you can also save our email to your address book and that should make it sure messages won’t go to spam.

    I’ll be hitching in Sweden soon myself, but the north-most point I’ll be is 2h from your place. :-) Perhaps there will be more hitchhikers coming your way around summer solstice.

    Happy hitching!

    • Kim18 March, 2015 at 01:51 Reply

      Hi Mikael, Thanks for your message and clearing things out! :)
      Yes, I hope so! I will be in Sweden till juli/august, so people are always welcome to visit me through the website ! :D

  2. Akshay8 April, 2015 at 13:45 Reply

    I just signed up for it and the map interface is really cool. I would however like to see a more detailed profile information section and the references section. References are really important.

    I see there is a way people can connect their accounts to their fb/google profiles. Do you think you can add CS to the list? That way people can check references and have the best of both worlds.

    Trustroots has a very community feel to it and i am very excited about using it :)

  3. Tassiana27 February, 2016 at 08:32 Reply

    I love it! We can survive anntyihg. Don’t Panic! I’ll have to start following your blog. Found you through David. And I humbly invite you to check out mine. Peace D

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