The art of hitchhiking: an exercise in trust


With public transport and flights that are just getting cheaper and cheaper, kidnappings in the news and robberies happening all the time.. Who would still go hitchhiking? Who would still trust another person to pick them up and take them to some unknown destination? Why would you even go through that kind of effort?

The head will tell you hitchhiking is not save, that going with a stranger who offers you his summer cabin for the night might not be a good idea and that accepting ice cream from someone you just met will never end well.

But, the heart tells you differently. If you listen carefully, you know when you should act, who you can trust and who you should stay away from. And even when you are not listening so well, it will try to get you back on the right path again.

You will take bigger risk, but the rewards will be bigger as well.

Because – things happen when you decide to trust people. When you choose to follow your intuition – your heart, and not to rely too much on what your head is trying to say to stop you. And what would be a better exercise to trust people than to stand along the road, thumb up, and wait..?


Hitchhiking does not only show that traveling without money is possible.. It also shows that people can be trusted. That some people – who you probably will never see again – will go out of their way to help you. That there will always be people that will help another person. That take the chance to act and give, without expecting anything in return.

By standing along the road with your thumb out you are basically saying: I trust. I surrender myself to whatever will happen. To allow my surroundings to decide for me. To give up control, completely.

I surrender myself to whatever will happen.

The hitchhiker trust the driver not to take advantage of him or her and the driver trust the hitchhiker to not do that either.

Hitchhiking means adventure. You never know what will happen, where you are going to end up and when. There is no place for fear for the unknown, only excitement and.. curiosity. Where will you sleep tonight, what will you eat or what kind of people will you meet? You never know.

Try it. Give up control, have no expectations and see what will happen.. If not anything but you will have some great stories to tell.

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