Tomislav Perko talks about how to travel the world with almost no money



Tomislav Perko is a budget traveler, writer and speaker. He traveled around the world on 8 euros a day, which equals the price of a ticket to one of his upcoming talks.

Tom is originally from Croatia and traveled the world for three years, wrote a book about it and even gave a TED talk. He is currently on the start of his tour around Europe where he will give lectures about how everyone can travel the world with almost no money.

Time to ask him some questions about his journey!

Hi Tom! Can you tell me why you decided to start traveling the world?

For three reasons! First of all, I was curious, and traveling was the best way to quench my curiosity. Second, I wanted to question everything I knew – forget what my parents thought me, forget what I knew from the media, religion, school, local politicians – and just travel and find out for myself. The third reason was that I wanted to learn from people all around the world

What resources did you use to travel with such little money?

For transportation: Hitchhiking, walking, cycling, work in exchange for transportation, car relocation, rideshares
For accommodation: Couchsurfing, camping, sleeping in parks, volunteering, house sitting, home exchange
For food: Cooking and dumpster diving

busking on the road

Did you also earn money on the road?

Yes! With playing the guitar on the streets, writing a blog and working in some rich countries like Australia.

What was your biggest obstacle that used to hold you back from traveling and how did you overcome this?

There were only two obstacles: fear and lack of money.

I managed the lack of money by alternative ways of traveling, and fear by the only way possible – not thinking about the negative things that can happen on the way, and trying it out for myself.


What do you love about the travel lifestyle and what are the downsides of it?

I love the freedom to do whatever you feel like doing, meeting new people and learning new stuff. Finding out that people are generally nice, and that we are all the same.

The downsides are that you can be lonely sometimes and sometimes there are too many people around you. You can get sick, hungry, cold, and sometimes you don’t have a place to sleep. But then you just have to deal with that.

How did the traveling influence your life after the trip?

I am more grateful for the little things, I don’t judge and have prejudices (or at least I try), and I have many stories to tell that earn me enough beer in bars!

You can follow Tom here to check out his travels and where you can meet him at one of his talks!

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