Why long-term travellers are not being selfish


Leaving behind our family and friends at home. It’s one of the most difficult things we have to do in order to travel long-term or move around to different countries. We will miss out on important parts of their lives and are not always there for them when they need us. It can be difficult. Some will blame us for being selfish and not thinking about others. We might blame ourselves as well.

But are we really just being self-centred and egoistic?

It is our dream, or at least part of it, to travel. To see the world, explore the unknown. And yes, that involves leaving others behind. But what if we wouldn’t do it? If we would stay at home, or at least in the country, as our loved ones want us to.. Would that make us happy? We will not follow our true dreams, so well, probably not.

We would be living life for someone else, because we want their appreciation and approval. We want to be seen as good in their eyes.

How does that sound? We want others to see us in a certain way and make decisions based on their point of view. It is in our interest and advancement to be seen as a good person and get our friends and family’s approval. It feeds our ego. Doesn’t that sound a bit selfish as well?

It will help us on the short-term, to be there and stay. Give up our own dreams – that would cost us a lot of effort and determination anyway – for feeding our ego at the present. We are probably afraid and we know that staying in our comfort zone keeps us safe and loved by others. Doing what others long from us is in our best interest.

long term traveling ego

Long term, it will be different. We might get regrets and start nagging our family. Accuse them for not supporting us and holding us back. Blame them for being the selfish person at that time. Blaming ourselves for wanting to have their approval. For being too afraid to get out of our safe environment and do what we actually always wanted to do. Blaming ourselves for looking at satisfaction on a short-term basis, instead of a long-term possibility. To not take any risks. We might even end up like this person.

We don’t want that. We don’t want to turn into someone that let others put us away from the path we want to follow. We don’t want to blame anyone. We want to do what is right for us, right now, because in the end – that is it makes us better human beings. And better human beings, make a better world.

Taking risks and getting out of our comfort zone let us do things we never could have imagined doing. It makes us become our best selves. It gives us peace and happiness. For some people this doesn’t have to involve traveling at all. For others it does. Long-term traveling is our dream. It is what makes us tick.

Of course we will miss our friends and family. We will be lonely from time to time. But if we can make a better world by evolving as better humans ourselves, wouldn’t staying inside our safe en beloved comfort zone be way too selfish?

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